Rebecca Morledge

Wirksworth, Matlock / Illustration and Art

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Saturday 26th May
Sunday 27th May
Monday 28th May


People and landscapes fascinate me. I like to not only make people see the city in a new light but also the people around them. Every time that I walk through a street there is something interesting and different, it is never the same, not even for a minute.  I like to paint buildings that you never normally see, the complicated back buildings behind a classic facade, the rooftops and those very top floor windows that you would never normally notice.

Through my paintings I want people to appreciate the beauty around them everywhere and also the characters within it, it is our city, town or street and we make it what it is.

I use watercolour and a dip pen and ink to create my paintings, the most complicated part of making a painting is working out and laying down the recognisable structures within a scene. Once this is done I find the painting process very therapeutic and by far my favourite part is adding the people to the paintings, I like to make up little stories and certain characters may recur throughout my paintings. When people commission me I enjoy making them a part of the picture and adding the things which are important to them, it makes the painting so much more personal and special to them.


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Pitch Blue, Newbridge Works, Coldwell St
Wirksworth, Matlock
When you arrive in Wirksworth travelling towards Cromford, at the market square turn right at the Red Lion onto Caldwell street, find us on the left in Newbridge Works, next to the station.
Disabled access is partial